marsha and condi meetup


Marsha and Condi meetup

conversation between Marsha the Martian and Condoleezza Rice

[editor's note] This page contains gratuitous same-sex teasing.
m: It's great to finally meet you.
c: I'm sorry your popularity has declined.
m: You know.
c: I never should have joined the terrorettes.
m: You seem happy now.
c: I'm truly happy for the first time in my life.
m: Tell me about it.
c: About happiness?
m: About the terrorettes. How did it happen. Was it Stockholm syndrome?
c: I don't know. I'm not sure. I got so tired of pretending to be cute and smart and white. I had to break out.
m: I'm feeling wet.
c: Mmmmm...
m: Did they capture you?
c: I contacted them secretly and arranged to be kidnapped. I was in Pakistan. We made it look ambiguous. Nobody knew. Each side blamed the other.
m: What about the photos?
c: State Department. I posed in Abu Ghraib.
m: You look amazing in vinyl.
c: Thank you. They hid me.
m: In Pakistan?
c: Right here in Detroit. I was disguised as a packaging specialist at Kellogg's.
m: What happened at the Super Bowl?
c: That wasn't us.
m: Christmalicia?
c: No.
m: No?
c: It was Almondo.
m: Almondo?
c: We tried to talk him out of it. He'd already framed us.
m: Why would he go to all that trouble and kill all those people?
c: He was trying to divert attention from the Kaelin testimony. It was crippling his ability to pick up girls. Plus, he had lowered himself so far, cellularly, that he wasn't exercising good judgment.
m: Almondo never had that.
c: He's worse now.

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