spaniards are the first to use devo strong methods for seduction.

Spaniard uses devo strong methods for seduction

By dropping his cellular level Almondo becomes irresistible to women


He never intended to tell anyone. But the devo-SM process is unpredictable. Its easy to go too far on the evolutionary scale. Almondo is discovered by his house-boy Kato Kaelin.

In Kato's words...

The boss was getting ready for a date. He was in the bathroom forever. I heard the sound of an electric razor buzzing. Every once in a while I could hear him grunt, or shout, like he was in pain. I went to the bathroom and knocked on the door. There was no response, so I opened it. He had his back turned. He didn't see me, I quickly closed the door and ran. The boss, he was a monkey. The bathroom was covered with hair. It was awful...

Thank you Mr. Kaelin for your testimony. You may now step down.

Kaelin goes to the police. The rest is history. By artificially lowering his cell count, Almondo becomes the greatest pickup artist in history. As with all pickup schemes, women eventually move on. The latest scheme? Leg extensions.

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