where did you go today

where did you go today?

conversation between paramecium and human

p: Where did you go today?
h: What do you mean? I haven't gone anywhere.
p: Then it was me.
h: You've been in this dish all day -- at least since we talked last night.
p: I propel myself forward in a spiral motion on an invisible axis. Direction is determined by the bend in my cilia.
h: You must have traveled in a complete circle.
p: What's a circle?
h: It begins and ends in the same place.
p: You said I haven't gone anywhere.
h: I mean you haven't left the dish. You circled around and returned to the place where you started.
p: I'm still here.
h: Are you tired?
p: If you mean -- have I experienced cellular degeneration? No, I'm not aware of it.
h: From all that swimming, I mean.
p: Are you tired from going around the sun?


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