terror at the atp


terror at the ATP

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The Christmalicia, led by liquefied snowman, break into and ruin the anatomical theme park (ATP). They slash and burn like prehistoric farmers. It happens in broad daylight while the ATP is full of holiday shoppers. Its the Pearl Harbor of the new gang wars. Everyone takes sides. Tribes abound. Lost souls cling to any group that will have them.

Chaos ensues. Government will no longer fund a police force. Fear of warring tribes breaks the bonds of national unity. Real power brokers align, or claim to align themselves, with gangs. The Terrorettes are roving land Pirates. Ice queen dominatrixes -- half myth, half human. Striking with impunity. Showing no remorse.

The average citizen looks for advice and spiritual guidance. Crime is rampant. Arabian women continue to steal men. They return the losers to their wives -- keeping the few good ones as slaves. Out of despair comes a lone voice.

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